celebrating 100k Downloads

This marks a point in time, where our WordPress Plugin “footnotes” received a download count of 100,000. Cheers to all who downloaded it, thanks to all who use it, thx to those seeking support and props to all contributors! Visit the WordPress Plugin Page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/footnotes/

footnotes: How to recover from a crashing website

Dear footnotes community, We recently accidentally shipped a version of our plugin that might break your website. Apologising here. How to recover from a crashing website? Fellow footnotes user @pppierreee pointed out that it would be helpful to give you guidance how to recover: – Download footnotes 2.5.8 – Unzip – Delete the wp-content/plugins/footnotes/ folder on your webserver – Upload the contents of the unzip (the footnotes folder) to wp-content/plugins/

footnotes 2.5.10 reverts 2.5.9d1 and apologies

In the development of the WordPress plugin footnotes, we shipped a broken version that crashed websites for arond four hours starting from 08:37 am. Here is the short version. If you want to dive deeper, check out this forum post Dear footnotes community thank you for your continued support. I’m sorry we shipped a broken version of the plugin earlier today and we reverted to a stable version with the latest update 2.