First Footnotes Community Meeting

On 27/04/2021 we held our first footnotes community meeting. This time it was more or less an internal developer/team meeting and we’re opening it up to the public! What we talked about the journey of the footnotes core development team over the past half year, how there was a bit of a rough patch and some storming going on. Now everything is settled and we’re bug-fixing and releasing at a sustainable pace.

footnotes celebrates its 7th anniversary

Happy 7th birthday footnotes the footnotes WordPress plugin is celebrating its 7th anniversary today. We haven’t decided as a team on what we’re going to do to celebrate this occasion together with our community. So please watch this space for announcements.

my first post with a new CMS

after more than a decade Just so you know, I’ve been a WordPress user, admin, and plugin author for more than a decade now. I could’ve set this up as yet another one of those ubiquitous WordPress pages. This time, however, I’m taking a different approach. HUGO is my tool of choice as I’m a DevSecOps Advisor, leaning into Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and of course the automation behind this declarative setup.