footnotes support

Updated on 28/10/2021

This page is about the WordPress plugin footnotes and how to receive support

If you’re reading these lines, I bet you’re using footnotes the free WordPress plugin that a team of volunteers provides. It has been under development since 19 March 2014.

As I’m receiving many emails to my personal or company inbox asking for support with this free plugin, I’m letting you know how to actually receive support for the plugin at an appropriate place. Support Forum

In many cases, an issue you’re having is not unique to you and there are others who could benefit from the discussion or providing a solution. Use the footnotes support forum

GitHub Issues

If you’re a developer and are finding bugs or want to address security relevant topics with the code, please hop on over to our GitHub, clone the repository or open a GitHub Issue and take a look at the current issues


Huge thanks to every footnotes user, contributor, bug reporter, feature requester and fan!