This Website Is an Open Book

This website is an open book and I’m going to share with you, what that means, why that is and how it works. It took me a good while to get to this point, so I figured it would be helpful for others to speed along their process. What does this mean? This website is built using HUGO, a static site generator, it runs on GitHub Pages and is built from my markcheret/cheret-tech git repository.

Why I Renamed My Git Branches From Master to Main

It’s been a while since GitHub changed the default branch name from master to main. If you’re interested in the deeper background and how GitHub is not the only platform implementing this change, check out the statement of the ‘software freedom conservancy’ on 23/6/2020. What I welcome most about this movement is that it got way easier to rename the default branch on GitHub, which used to be a major PITA.

First Footnotes Community Meeting

On 27/04/2021 we held our first footnotes community meeting. This time it was more or less an internal developer/team meeting and we’re opening it up to the public! What we talked about the journey of the footnotes core development team over the past half year, how there was a bit of a rough patch and some storming going on. Now everything is settled and we’re bug-fixing and releasing at a sustainable pace.